Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm in the New York Times!

I'm so proud. Read how awesome I am in my very own New York Times bio. This is better than IMDB! Oh wait, I'm in that too. Oh, and on, and...well, I just can't keep up with it all.

Inexplicably, my popularity is down 35% this week on IMDB. I guess 7 of my 20 fans must have had enough of my insatiable need to be famous. But what can I do...they're family.

Anyway, I would like to thank the Académie (française, that is. The Other One is trademarked).

And don't worry...I've already submitted the 3 missing film credits to IMDB. They assure me the diss was unintentional. I guess you have to be much more famous than I before they intentionally diss you.


Zo Kwe Zo said...

You're such a glory hog. I'll bet you'd even stoop to commenting on your own blog!

Scott B. said...

>I'm so proud.

You'll be hearing my lawyers over intellectual property violations for saying that.

John Evo said...
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John Evo said...

I'm afraid our narcissistic egocentricity has been so highly interconnected with our conspicuous consumerism, that it is the root of coming downfall as a civilisation.

Gandhi - "Bhagat - run down to the ashram and report back to me the first 10 things that people are saying about me."

Nah... Still, it's hard not to be fascinated.

By the way, as a gay man you list "Brokeback Mountain" first among your favorite movies - but no mention of "Milk"? Let me tell you something. As a straight (celibate) man, "Milk" made me want to run through the Mormon temple on Santa Monica Blvd, screaming "We're here, we're queer". Now THAT is a great movie!

(Sorry about the original edit. You can't trust me with such things).