Monday, March 2, 2009

Overturning Prop. 8 would be a win for all

There is a false rivalry between Mormons and Gays.

Proposition 8, which overturned the CA Supreme Court's ruling that gays have a right to marry (each other), presupposes that the right for gays to marry impairs the right of the religious to keep marriage religiously based.

Nonsense. This confuses ends and means. Gays are looking for what and don't care about how or why. We win when we achieve the goal. Religious (especially Mormons) win through the fight itself. It is the opposing that matters, works being the most credible sign of belief, the sacrifice for a good cause, fighting the good fight. The final result can be safely be left to God's hands.

All sides win if the California Supreme Court overturns Prop. 8: Mormons can feel satisfied that they reaffirmed their belief in a divine transmortal marriage and did all in their power to defend this, gays can (finally!) get married, and marriage itself gains from being shown explicitly not to arise merely out of statute or public will (even one that included gays, had Prop. 8 been defeated), but out of a more basic natural right.

LDS, Gay, Marriage: all three winners when Prop. 8 wins before losing. All sides could be proud of their participation and be winners by their own criteria: Mormons in their means, Gays in their ends, and Marriage for all.

Let's hope the Court does not miss this opportunity to make everybody happy.


Scott B. said...

"(each other)"

Excellent qualifier.

Zo Kwe Zo said...

Strange that you would seize on what I consider a redundant qualifier yet fail to appreciate the double pun in the phrase "Mormons in their means, Gays in their end".

You and I read through very different lenses!

John Evo said...

I don't know...

I fear the Mormons don't really "win" until they can come to terms with this:

We have the right to believe whatever we want. Gays should take no offense that we feel men should only marry women and women only men. But we recognize that this is our belief based on absolutely no empirical evidence that can be shared by all people of all beliefs. Therefore, we will live according to our beliefs and hope that the superiority of our way of life is so obvious that others will choose to emulate it. However, we refuse to try to legislate our beliefs on others, just as we wouldn't want others to legislate theirs on us.

Until they (and all others who live by "beliefs", rather than by Reason) can see life this way, they can't really "win".