Sunday, November 23, 2008

David Letterman, the joke is you

What's the difference between David Letterman and Michael Richards? Answer: ridiculing African Americans is no longer tolerated.

While actor James Franco was describing the thrill he felt at costarring with Sean Penn and working with director Gus Van Sant on the film "Milk" about gay activist Harvey Milk, David Letterman was much more tittilated with Franco and Penn kissing.

Watch how James Franco tries to get the interview back on track and explain that he was nervous about getting the kiss authentic (while being watched by those who knew Milk personally), even as Letterman tries vainly but relentlessly to get him to admit that he was grossed out by the hot man-on-man action.

Somewhere between "how drunk are you [to have to kiss a guy]" (2:23) and "we're registered at Target" (3:00), I knew I was watching the death rattle of an old turd passed over for Leno and reduced to a temper tantrum when McCain stood him up.

Letterman ceased to be funny so long ago that I can't get too worked up by his junior high hang-ups. Still, I would have thought, given how many women Rock Hudson kissed on screen ages ago, that this drivel wouldn't pass today for humor.

What kind of perversion is this to be paid several million dollars to kiss Sean Penn? It's called "acting". Clearly, a concept Letterman knows nothing about.


Beatta said...
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Unknown said...

Just so everyone is clear, the "author" who deleted the comment is not me (author of the blog), but the one who submitted the comment.

I am not in the habit of deleting non-obscene comments.

Scott B. said...

The author of the deleted comment was me--but I realized after publishing that I was signed onto my wife's account, and figured that she'd have my head if I was out commenting on folks' blogs under her name.

I didn't have the energy to re-write it. Apologies for making you look like the censoring type of guy.

Scott B. said...

Incidentally, even though I don't actually delete comments, people seem to take my threat of doing so seriously enough that they behave civilly, rather than engage in the kind of downward-spiral bashing that is typical of most blogs. In other words, I've found that saying I will delete has been a very efficient way of keeping people on topic, rather than at each others throats.