Monday, June 18, 2007

Not all flames smoke

Seems the word “fag” means a cigarette in merry old England. Who knew?

My friend and fellow blogger Brendan turned me on to a raucous (though fortunately not coprophagous, despite the unsettling title) blog from across the pond, and after posting only two small comments, I have been overwhelmed with praise!

This cannot be a good thing: the ego boost fleeting, the addiction to praise driving me to ever higher cleverness, til last I am reduced to the base status of pontificating pundit. I can even now hear the sirens singing...


Anonymous said...

Re. cigarettes - indeed. Whenever drinking in pubs with American chums I have to be careful to distinguish between the English and Snoop Dogg senses of "I'm gonna smoke a fag".

We also had a commercial for a vacuum cleaner which wouldn't be appropriate across the pond - the tagline was "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux".

bjkeefe said...

It has been two months since your last post. Some of us are dying to comment.